Blake Sims, QB/RB, Alabama – 2015

Was a redshirt senior.

All-Star Games: Senior Bowl.

Positives: Though he is short for the position, he has adequate bulk, and is built solidly like a running back. He ran a prostyle offense at Alabama, so he would be more ready to run an NFL offense. Throws with above-average arm strength. He is at his most accurate on short and intermediate passes, against man-to-man coverage, and on the run. On the run, he keeps his shoulders squared to help increase his accuracy, and also keeps his eyes downfield to find receivers instead of running. He goes through his progressions if he is given time, and is willing to check down to safer receivers. Knows when to throw the ball away on the run. He is also a former running back, and moves like one. Shows good track speed for a quarterback and adequate for a running back. Is a very willing runner who will run determined near the goal line. Above-average burst, lateral quickness and cutback vision as a runner, and runs with good body lean. Is able to run away from pressure in the pocket. He has shown a willingness to switch positions in the pros, and also worked out as a running back and wide receiver in Pro Day drills.

Negatives: Short for the position and has below-average hand size. His biggest drawbacks are in his decision-making and his performance under pressure. On the run, he will throw the ball across his body, putting him at risk of throwing interceptions. He will also throw off of his back foot under no pressure. Seems to have a hard time seeing defenders both down the field and on short patterns, and he will throw the ball into heavy coverage down the middle of the field. Sometimes won’t see defenders directly between him and his receiver even on short passes. Is also easy to read in the red zone, and will eyeball his receivers there. Below-average ball security on the run and will hold the ball in one hand through traffic. Needs to know when to vary his velocity and throw with touch over defenders. He tends to throw with a low trajectory, and needs better touch on deeper passes down the middle. He also needs to step up in the pocket under outside pressure instead of trying to roll away from it.

Projection: Round 7. His athleticism and versatility will get him into a camp for sure, but he probably won’t ever be an NFL quarterback and will have to switch to either running back or wide receiver. He has enough athleticism to be successful as a running back, but he has little, if any, experience as a receiver.

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