Chris Conley, WR, Georgia – 2015

All-Star Games: NFLPA Game.

Positives: Has good height and adequate bulk for the position. His best attribute is that he has excellent, strong hands. He can consistently snag passes and extend well. He shows no fear in going over the middle, and shows consistently good concentration on contested passes and in traffic. Shows good body control and can adjust to back-shoulder passes well. Tracks passes very well over his inside shoulder. Is able to run with above-average speed. Is also a pretty effective downfield blocker. Seems tough, and played the entire 2014 season and through the NFLPA Game with a partially dislocated shoulder.

Negatives: He is a long strider who has difficulty making quick, crisp cuts, which leads to rounding off his routes and not getting as much separation from defenders as he could. He has also been known to drop wide-open passes in the end zone – a function more of concentration issues than of his hands. In addition to his shoulder dislocation, he also injured his ankle late in 2013 and was still affected by it in 2013 bowl game.

Projection: Round 5. His toughness and propensity for making the tough catch give him a great chance to be a solid contributor in the NFL. But his suspect route running and lack of a dynamic aspect to his game may limit him to a complementary role, but a productive one.

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