Jeremy Langford, RB/WR, Michigan State – 2015

All-Star Games: Senior Bowl.

Positives: Very good height for the position. Has shown a lot of versatility in college –started his career as a running back; switched to cornerback in 2011; switched to WR in 2012; and finally switched back to running back in 2012. Shows a lot of patience behind the line and has above-average cutback vision. Runs with above-average speed, burst, and ability to change directions, and is elusive after the catch. Has above-average power and leg drive and churns well through contact for extra yards. When he expects contact, he has pretty good body lean and balance. As a receiver, he runs smooth and precise routes, with above-average quickness in and out of his breaks. Has adequate hands and body control, and is able to adjust to off-target passes or extend for passes away from his frame at times. Generally protects the ball well when contact is coming and protects the ball through the line. Adequate upper-body strength.

Negatives: Slightly below-average bulk for the position – built more like a wide receiver – and has below-average hand size. When he makes a cut, he doesn’t run very suddenly or decisively, and that was borne out in his below-average lateral quickness in Pro Day measures. Though his hands show potential, they are inconsistent, and he will let too many passes get to his body. Too indecisive behind the line, and will dance instead of pushing ahead. He will also run too upright behind the line and be easy to push back. Below-average balance making cuts and needs to have a more consistent base. He is generally a poor pass blocker who doesn’t establish position well, and will lunge at – and miss – oncoming defenders. Will get caught flat-footed and leaning as a pass protector, overextending himself. Also needs to be more aware of the sideline in two-minute drills. Injured ankle in Senior Bowl practices and missed the game.

Projection: Round 4. His combination of receiving and running talent will make him valuable to some NFL team. Overall, he reminds me of Joe McKnight but without the off-field red flags. And, although I don’t think he was used there in college, he might be best suited as a punt returner and part-time committee back.

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