Duke Johnson, RB, Miami – 2015

Junior who has declared for the 2015 NFL draft.

Positives: Is a sudden runner with above-average speed, quickness, and burst. Can stick his foot into the ground and turn the ball up field quickly. Behind the line, he shows above-average vision for cutbacks. Moves well laterally and with patience and has a nice jump cut to find open running lanes. If inside run is clogged, he has the quickness and speed to bounce off tackle. Runs with pretty good power for his size – moving with good body lean and churning his legs well through contact. He shows nice balance and agility after contact, and will break a lot of arm tackles or effortlessly hurtle a defender who’s in his way. Doesn’t need much of a crease to push the ball down the field, and can narrow his shoulders through the line. Above-average hands, body control, and effort on off-target passes. Protects the ball with both hands while going to traffic.

Negatives: Has below-average height and slightly below-average bulk for the position. Hasn’t shown much in the way of pass protection technique. Doesn’t change angles particularly well, and will go off balance when he tries to change directions too abruptly. Inconsistent concentration on passes away from his frame, and will look for yards before securing the ball. Doesn’t seem to have an effective stiff arm, and will often swing and miss. He broke his right ankle in November 2013 and missed rest of season.

Projection: Round 2. Has the all-around skills to be able to be at least a solid NFL contributor, and his athleticism should make him more than that.

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