Justin Perillo, TE, Maine: FCS Division

UDFA. Signed by the Packers as a UDFA but was released in August and put on their practice squad. But he has enough skills to succeed if he gets the chance.

Positives: Above-average hands and can extend, snagged and adjust well. Not easy to bring down. Adequate run blocker who can seal off defenders. Can also drive them back if he gets enough leverage. Above-average speed. Adequate downfield blocker. Fairly quick feet, and is fairly elusive in the open field. Good lateral quickness and ability to change directions.

Negatives: Though he’s a good run blocker when he gets leverage, he does that inconsistently. Needs to be more tenacious as a downfield blocker. Will watch plays develop and not block.

Projection: No need to draft, but he has enough all-around skills that he could become a solid NFL starter some day, so keep an eye on him.

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