Shakir Bell, RB, Indiana State

Junior who has declared for the 2014 NFL Draft.

Positives: Not easy to bring down. Keeps legs going after contact. AA burst and speed. Good cutback vision and has the quickness and lateral agility to take advantage of it in the open field. Fair change-of-direction ability. Creative — can push to the line and still bounce outside. Willing pass blocker. Fairly nimble. OK hands. Above-average lateral quickness and stop-and-start ability. Patient. Nice balance after contact. Is able to turn his shoulders to squeeze through small holes at the line of scrimmage. Adjusts fairly well to off target passes. Uses his balance well in the open field to get low and shed tacklers.

Negatives: Very small size. Though he’s a willing pass blocker, he’s not a strong one. Separated right shoulder in first game of 2013 and missed a few weeks. Then had a foot injury in October 2013 and missed rest of season, though he said he was dismissed from the team.

Projection: UDFA. Has the athleticism to be one of the better small RBs in the draft, but his lack of size is pretty major. That, coupled with his injury history will probably keep him undrafted. But he can be a very effective change-of-pace back if he gets a chance.

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