Martavis Bryant, WR/KR, Clemson

Steelers, Round 4. Was a junior. He enters a WR corps as probably the fourth-best guy, but he provides the size and the red-zone target the team’s been trying to rediscover for years since Plaxico Burress left town the first time. So they’ll probably be able to find him some targets.

Positives: Very good height and good bulk. Gives very good effort on off-target passes. Adequate hand size. Above-average concentration in traffic, and will come up with difficult catches. Can extend for passes away from his frame. Fairly effective after the catch. Very effective in red zone and on fade routes. Pretty good concentration on tipped passes. Tracks passes well over his outside shoulder. Adequate track speed for the position, and a very good for his size. Adequate upper body strength. Above-average vertical leap for the position.

Negatives: Indecisive on kick return. Suspended from 2012 bowl game for academic reasons. Though he can extend for passes, he tends to body catch. Below-average ability to change directions in Combine drills.

Projection: Don’t expect him to start right away, but he’ll contribute. Expect WR3 numbers by year two.

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