Allen Robinson, WR, Penn State

Jaguars, Round 2. Was a junior. I really wasn’t much of a fan before the draft, but a lot of smart people were – as were, apparently, the Jaguars, who also drafted Marqise Lee in the second round. The team seems ready to walk away from Justin Blackmon and are building a solid young offense. Athletically,  he could be very effective; but his weaknesses as a route runner and his inconsistent hands may limit him.

Positives: Very good height and bulk for the position. Adequate hand size. Runs like a running back after the catch – gets low. Above-average vertical leap and can go up to get it. Above-average body control and adjusts well to off-target passes. Tracks passes fairly well over his inside shoulder. Above-average track speed for his size. Above-average vertical leap and general lower body explosiveness. Did better at his pro day at 208 pounds than he did weighing 220 at the Combine.

Negatives: Below-average hands when he has to extend. Below-average patience. Suspect balance making cuts. Body catches too often and seems to have some trouble extending for passes away from his frame. Below-average routes and rounds them off consistently. Though his track speed is pretty good for his size, it’s below average for the position.

Projection: Right now, he’s probably the fourth option as a receiver on the team. Draft as a WR5 with eventual WR3 potential.

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