Alfred Blue, RB/FB, Louisiana State

Texans, Round 6. Was a junior. I don’t see an NFL future for him, but he does fit better in Houston than at most other teams. But he’s behind Arian Foster, Dennis Johnson, and Ray Graham off the bat.

Positives: Okay speed. Fair vision for the cutback. Fairly patient behind the line. Runs with pretty good body lean. Churns well. Okay hands. Okay power. Great height and good bulk for the position. Built more like a fullback. Above-average hand size. Adequate to above-average burst and explosiveness in Combine drills.

Negatives: Tore ACL in Sept 2012 and missed rest of season. Runs a little bit out of control. Below-average quickness and change-of-direction ability. Below-average burst. Slightly below-average speed for the position, but good for his size. Poor upper-body strength for the position and for his size. Below-average lateral quickness.

Projection: Not worth drafting in dynasty fantasy leagues unless he shows very well in the preseason.

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