AC Leonard, FB/TE, Tennessee State: FCS Division

UDFA. Was signed by the Vikings as a UDFA but released in July for unknown reasons. Was a junior. Transferred from Florida for 2013. Outside of the character red flags, he seems like a nice combination blocker and receiver. Could do well if given the chance. Might do better if moved to fullback.

Positives: Very good track speed for the position and the size. Above-average hands and can extend. Snags fast passes even in traffic. Above-average concentration. Solid run blocker and drove one defender 20 yards downfield. Fairly agile and dangerous after the catch.

Negatives: Short for the position. Adequate bulk for the position. Built more like a fullback. Adequate hand size. Below-average routes and cuts routes short. Needs to pay attention to QB while running routes. Arrested for battery of his girlfriend in February 2012. Arrested for driving on a suspended license in May 2012. Suspect balance making cuts. Below-average upper body strength.

Projection: Has TE2 talents but maybe not the opportunity for a while.

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