Tom Savage, QB, Pittsburgh

Texans, Round 4. Started career at Rutgers and then went to Arizona and the Pittsburgh. The hype machine didn’t get him to the Round 3 I had predicted for him, but he still went too high, in my opinion. For me, he should be an UDFA, but there were too many people who loved him for him to fall out of the draft. I really don’t see it. To me, he’s the team’s third-best QB, behind Fitzpatrick and Keenum, and not likely to be better than a backup in the league.

Positives: Very good height and bulk for the position. Above-average hand size. Comes out of a pro-style system. Has experience in several different offenses. Is quick enough to sidestep the rush up the middle. Okay arm strength. Good velocity. Above-average accuracy on medium routes. Above-average accuracy on the deep out pattern. Nice touch on short and medium passes. Fair accuracy on short passes outside of the pocket.

Negatives: Concussion in September 2013 and missed a couple of weeks. Below-average accuracy on timing routes. Below-average track speed and below-average quickness as a runner. Below-average burst. Holds ball too long at times. Needs to learn to vary his velocity. Not elusive in the pocket and tends to just drift back instead of trying to elude tacklers. Throws off of his back foot often under minor pressure. Seldom sets his feet in the pocket. Under pressure, tends to just throw the ball up for grabs. Broke ribs and injured kidney in 2013 bowl game. Suspect ball security on the run. In the red zone, he tends to eyeball his receivers and missed better targets.

Projection: Draft only if you have super-deep leagues.

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