Ryan Smith, WR/PR/KR, North Dakota State: FCS Division

Positives: Runs with above-average speed and quickness. Adequate acceleration off the line and after the catch. When running routes, he is fairly quick in and out of his breaks. Above-average hands and extends and adjusts fairly well to catch passes away from his frame. Doesn’t let passes get to his body. Tracks passes over his inside shoulder fairly well. Shows good effort on off-target passes. Okay concentration in traffic. Above-average vision for yards after the catch. Reads downfield blocks well. Makes consistently smart punt return and kick return fielding decisions, and has reliable hands enough that he isn’t afraid to field the ball in traffic. Gets upfield quickly on returns and doesn’t waste much motion.

Negatives: Short for the position and has a slight build. Though his breaks are quick, he isn’t very deceptive in his route running – runs with flailing arms that telegraph his routes. Below-average tracking over outside shoulder. Suspect concentration when a hit is coming. Sometimes is late to look for the ball on deep routes. Below-average upper-body strength.

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