Prince-Tyson Gulley, RB, Syracuse

Positives: Runs with above-average speed and quickness. Has fairly quick feet and good balance making cuts. On slick surfaces, he can dig his foot into the ground and smoothly change direction. Runs with adequate power, and churns his legs through contact for extra yards. Shows above-average hands and looks passes into his hands. Can snag fast passes. Gets upfield quickly after the catch. Protects the ball going through the line. Is patient on kick returns.

Negatives: Below-average height and bulk for the position. Below-average concentration on easy receptions when a hit is coming, and may be contact shy. Has a fairly long injury history. Missed spring practices in 2013 with upper-body injury. Hard time getting off jams at the line. Seems to have a hard time following his blockers downfield.

Projection: UDFA. He does enough things well as a runner and receiver to get into a training camp, but I don’t see him being consistently successful in fantasy.

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