Tyler Gaffney, RB/FB, Stanford

Panthers, Round 6. Was drafted by the Panthers but waived due to injury and was picked up by the Patriots, who put him on IR in August. Should be able to hold down the fullback spot on some team or even be a change-of-pace power back and short-yardage specialist.

All-Star Games: None. Was invited to the Senior Bowl but declined due to injury.

Positives: Good height and above-average bulk for a running back. Adequate height and bulk for a fullback. Adequate hand size. Runs with above-average speed, burst, and ability to change directions for the position, and good for his size. His feet are quick enough to let him make subtle changes in direction. Adequate quickness and ability to change directions. Shows good power and ability to run through arm tackles, and fights hard for yards. Has good body lean and runs with fairly high knees to get through traffic at the line. Seems to get stronger as the game goes on. Generally solid ball security technique through the line. Is fairly patient and waits for blocks to develop. Above-average balance after contact. Is athletic – also played minor-league baseball for the Pirates in 2012 before returning to Stanford in 2013.

Negatives: Isn’t elusive and he has only minor change-of-direction ability – doesn’t usually make the first defender miss. Often gets slowed down in the backfield. Runs with below-average vision, and often runs into his own linemen when cutback lanes close. Inconsistent decision-making, and will lose yards at times going the wrong way. Below-average hands and upper-body strength.

Projection: Could eventually become an effective RB3 in deeper fantasy leagues, but there’s probably no need to draft him in dynasty leagues.

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