Sam Ojuri, RB, North Dakota State: FCS Division

Positives: Runs with adequate speed. Is decisive behind the line and has above-average burst to get through holes. Is also patient and lets blocks develop. Shows above-average agility, and can make moves in the open field. Also keeps squared while making moves, allowing him to keep his balance, absorb contact, and continue forward. Above-average balance after contact and is able to churn his legs for extra yards. Fair lateral movement and can bounce runs outside when running lanes are clogged. Okay hands. Fair run blocker.

Negatives: Though he has adequate hands, he tends to let passes get to his body. Seems to lack vision at times and often runs into his own linemen. Below-average ball security through the line, and holds the ball too low. Runs a little too upright, and will often get knocked to the ground with hits to his chest and also not generate enough power in short-yardage situations.

Projection: UDFA. Has enough running skills to be an NFL contributor, but not enough to be a workhorse. His deficiencies are correctable with more coaching, which gives him a chance to stick around at least on a practice squad somewhere, but probably isn’t someone to draft in fantasy rookie drafts.

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