Taylor Martinez, QB, Nebraska

Signed as a UDFA with the Eagles, but his contract was voided when he failed their physical due to his foot injury. As an improviser, is almost at the level of Johnny Manziel, but lacks the skills to follow through with it in the NFL. Probably best served by a position switch to WR in the pros, and seems athletic enough to pull it off.

Positives: Throws with adequate arm strength and above-average velocity. Very athletic quarterback with very good speed and acceleration, with above-average quickness. Overhand delivery. Can step up in pocket under outside pressure. Extends plays well with his feet, and is much more effective when he can improvise. Pro day drills showed he has the speed, quickness, verticals, and overall athleticism to play WR in the NFL. Worked out at both wide receiver and safety at Pro Day.

Negatives: Comes out of a spread offense in college, so he may not be ready to handle a typical NFL offense. Brett Favre-ish in his combination of improvisation and mistake-making. Built more like a WR than a QB. Below-average accuracy on timing patterns. Inconsistent accuracy on the run. Holds the ball too long and needs to learn to just throw it away. Generally poor throwing mechanics and throws off back foot often. Throws into coverage. Below-average decisions under pressure and tends to just chuck it or throw passes across his body. Tends to overthrow receivers when stepping up. Injured foot badly in September 2013 and missed most of the rest of the season.

Projection: He’s not really worth drafting in dynasty rookie drafts, but keep an eye on where he lands and see how the team plans to use him.

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