Clint Chelf, QB, Oklahoma State

Positives: Adequate accuracy and above-average touch on intermediate passes. Finds single-covered receivers well. Has a quick release. Steps up in pocket to avoid pressure. Runs with above-average track speed, adequate game speed, and fair agility. Fair play fakes. Experienced at running a high-tempo offense.

Negatives: Comes out of a spread system and probably won’t be ready to handle a typical NFL offense. Seemed to never be considered full-time starter by the team. Started 2012 as number-three QB, but started by end of season. Then was backup again in 2013 but started for most of the season. Throws off his back foot often, affecting his accuracy and velocity. Will throw it across his body on the run. Below-average accuracy on the move and on deep passes, and will miss wide-open receivers. Tends to lock on to receivers and doesn’t see coverage – will throw it into double coverage deep or right at defenders at least a couple of times a game. Needs to very velocity at times on short passes, and will throw bullets. Passes get tipped often. Under pressure, tends to just throw the ball up for grabs. Doesn’t sense outside rush well. Late recognition. Has a reputation for poor practices.

Projection: UDFA. May get into an NFL camp but isn’t likely to stick around on either a roster or practice squad.

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