Brock Jensen, QB, North Dakota State: FCS Division

UDFA. Signed by Dolphins as UDFA but released in August. Has enough athleticism, poise, experience, and passing ability to find a spot in the NFL as a backup. The comparably lower level of competition in the FCS means he may have more of a learning curve ahead of him, and is best viewed as a long-term development QB.

All-Star Games: Invited to South Carolina College All-Star Bowl, but declined for unknown reason.

Positives: Adequate height and good bulk for the position. Above-average hand size. Above-average track speed and vertical leap for the position. Has experience running a pro-style offense, so he should be more ready for an NFL offense. Throws with above-average arm strength and touch. Fair accuracy on medium and deep routes. Improved his deep passing accuracy and touch over his college career. Steps up in the pocket under pressure and shows a little bit of escapability. Agile enough to sidestep pass rushers. Is willing to run, and sacrifices his body for extra yards. Runs with above-average speed and adequate quickness. Strong enough runner on short-yardage situations. Follows his blockers well as a runner.

Negatives: Below-average accuracy on the move and on timing routes. Inconsistent progressions and tends to eyeball targets. Misses wide-open reads down the middle. Forces passes into coverage often. Below-average velocity. Below-average throwing mechanics – throws off back foot without pressure. Under pressure, tends to just throw the ball up for grabs. Doesn’t sense the rush up the middle. Takes too many chances in the red zone and needs to learn to throw the ball away. Throws a little bit of a wobbly pass.

Projection: He is not someone to pay attention to in fantasy football, but he could help an NFL team as a developmental prospect.

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