Teddy Bridgewater, QB, Louisville

Vikings, Round 1. Was a junior. Though he should have been one of the first few players off the board, he lasted until the last pick in Round 1. He goes to a Vikings team with a little talent on offense, but not much. But he didn’t exactly have hall-of-famers in Louisville and he did great there. He has almost no holes in his game, though his abilities to consistently throw the deep ball may be questionable. Some questions have also come up about his leadership abilities, but these seem to have come out of nowhere since I never heard of them before this off-season. I would draft him in dynasty leagues with the top overall pick whether or not I needed a quarterback immediately. He should be a great one for years barring injuries. In the six years I’ve been scouting college players for the draft, the only quarterback who seemed more talented than him is Andrew Luck.

Positives: Adequate height, bulk, and hand size for the position. Adequate quickness for the position. Is experienced running a pro-style offense. Throws with above-average arm strength and adequate velocity. Great accuracy on short and medium passes. Above-average accuracy on deep passes. Excellent accuracy on the move. Good accuracy overall, even in very wet weather. Very good anticipation and consistently hits his receivers coming out of their breaks. Throws a very catchable pass – his passes are thrown with good touch and he knows how to vary his velocity to fit the situation. Has enough velocity and confidence in his arm to fit the ball into tight windows. Poised, and keeps his head very well under pressure to find the open receiver. Goes through his progressions well and consistently, and does not eyeball his receivers. Consistently finds single-covered receivers. Very effective on the blitz, and can find the open receiver. Moves around well inside the pocket and shows good footwork and escapability. Consistently steps up in the pocket under outside pressure while staying mechanically sound. Stays squared on the rollout to deliver accurate passes. Knows when to throw the ball away. Runs with above-average speed and is willing to run. Tough – he broke his non-throwing wrist but played through it. Good play fakes.

Negatives: Below-average explosiveness in combine drills. Though he has shown the ability to bulk up, his listed height and bulk are merely adequate. Some trouble with taking the snap in the rain – maybe due to only adequate hand size or use of gloves.

Projection: With Adrian Peterson taking some of the heat off him, I fully expect him to start his career pretty strong and eventually grow into a top fantasy quarterback. Draft as an immediate QB2 with top-five quarterback potential if the team lands a little more offensive firepower.

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