Ryan Hewitt, FB/TE, Stanford

Bengals, UDFA. Seems to lack the blocking skills necessary for a fullback and also has enough receiving skills to be a solid tight end. Will probably battle for the last TE spot on the team.

All-Star Games: Senior Bowl.

Positives: Great size for a fullback and adequate size for a tight end. Adequate hand size. Above-average hands, and can extend well for passes away from his body. Above-average concentration in traffic. Above-average body control, and can adjust well to off-target passes. Is a willing run blocker and can’t handle the initial impact and slide well to stay with defender. Is also a fair pass blocker who is able to meet defenders in the hole and either drive them back when he latches on or redirect them around the quarterback. Adequate explosiveness as a runner.

Negatives: Below-average track speed for the position and for his size. Not a creative runner, and doesn’t change directions quickly. Though he is a willing and adequate run blocker, he tends to lunge at defenders and miss – or be knocked off balance. Though he is an adequate pass blocker, he usually requires help.

Projection: Probably not fantasy relevant, and there’s no need to draft him.

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