James White, RB, Wisconsin

Patriots, Round 4. He goes to a Patriots team with maybe Vereen and Ridley ahead of him, but he has as much talent as either of them. With his receiving and pass-blocking skills, I especially like his chances of being their 3rd-down back. But, as with any Patriots back, his fantasy ceiling is limited.

All-Star Games: Senior Bowl.

Positives: though his height and weight are low, he has a solid build. Adequate speed and runs smoothly, with above-average burst and acceleration. Runs with good agility and lateral movement, and is effortlessly able to make people miss in the open field. Also has a good jump cut. Shows good ability to change directions quickly and smoothly. Is also very patient and able to hit the hole decisively. Despite his size, he runs with above-average power and keeps his legs moving through contact. Runs with good body lean. Very shifty in the open field, and runs with good vision. Okay hands. Shifts hands effectively to keep the ball away from defenders. Above-average pass blocker – steps up to meet defenders and has some ability to maintain his leverage against smaller defenders. Effective stiff arm. Above-average upper body strength.

Negatives: Below-average height and slightly below-average bulk. Small hands and a short wingspan. Below-average balance after contact and can be knocked off of his feet. Though he is generally and above-average pass blocker, he can be overpowered and he drops his head at times, making him vulnerable to moves by the defender.

Projection: With a limited ceiling due to being on the Patriots, draft with expectations of RB3 numbers at best – with some weeks of near-zero production.

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