David Fluellen, RB, Toledo

Colts, UDFA. Originally signed by the Eagles as a UDFA but was traded to the Colts in August and released in August.

All-Star Games: Senior Bowl.

Positives: Good height and bulk for the position. Average hand size. Long wingspan. Though he runs with long strides, he is also able to stop and restart fairly well. Above-average burst and ability to change directions. Runs with above-average power, and he with good body lean. Keeps his legs churning through contact and lowers his shoulder well for extra yards. Above-average balance after contact. Above-average cutback vision. Okay pass blocker – keeps good balance, and is large enough to stop defenders cold.

Negatives: Below-average track speed for the position. Lacks initial punch as a pass blocker and is grabby after contact. Also doesn’t meet defenders far enough up in the hole to keep them away from the quarterback. Below-average ball security technique – holds the ball low when going through the line. Injured much of 2013. Below-average upper-body strength.

Projection: Still worth stashing on your deep dynasty rosters even without a team. Otherwise, be ready to pick him up if he lands somewhere.

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