Gator Hoskins, TE, Marshall

Dolphins, UDFA. I was very surprised he wasn’t drafted by around Round 5 or so. He was my 7th-rated tight end overall, and I think he’s one of the best receiving tight ends out there. I actually had him rated one slot higher than the tight end they drafted, Arthur Lynch. He’s not going to be a great in-line blocker, though, but, as a move tight end, he could definitely put up TE2 numbers in this offense. The Dolphins should try to get him and Charles Clay on the field in two-TE sets.

All-Star Games: Senior Bowl.

Positives: Adequate size for an H-back. Great height for a fullback, with very good bulk. Above-average hand size and a long wingspan for a wide catch radius. Above-average hands. Consistently good concentration on passes in traffic. Good speed for the position and was often used on deep patterns in college. Runs above-average routes and uses his physicality to get separation against defensive backs and linebackers. Completes his routes and will keep moving to stay between defenders and the ball. Comes back to help quarterback in scramble drill. Agile, and can pick his way through open-field defenders. Good body control and adjusts well to underthrown passes. Can hold the ball with a big hit. Is strong, fights for extra yards, and isn’t easy to bring down. Above-average balance after contact. Adequate pass blocker who is tough to move off his base.

Negatives: Too short and slight to play tight end in the NFL. Was not used very much as an in-line tight end in college, but was split out wide often. Though his routes are pretty good, he is not especially crisp in his breaks as a route runner. Not a very strong in-line blocker, and doesn’t hit defenders hard with initial impact.

Projection: If he gets a chance to play, I’d expect TE3 numbers from him, with a TE2 ceiling.

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