Tajh Boyd, QB, Clemson

Jets, Round 6. Was released by the Jets in August. He went a little later in the draft than I expected, which was Round 4, but he couldn’t stick even on a roster that is obviously looking for the quarterbacks who can run, since they already have Michael Vick and Geno Smith on board. As a runner, he can be very effective. As a passer, he needs a lot of work on decision-making and mechanics. He will definitely make the team, but shouldn’t be considered starter material for at least a couple of years.

All-Star Games: Senior Bowl.

Positives: Good bulk for the position. Above-average hand size. Above-average arm strength and velocity – can fit passes through tight windows. On short passes, he throws a catchable pass with nice touch and accuracy. Though his medium and deep accuracy still aren’t great, they have improved in the past two years. Doesn’t throw a great spiral, and passes will flutter in the wind. Not physically afraid of pressure, and stands in tall in the pocket. He goes through his progressions at times, and doesn’t always lock onto single receivers. Moves well inside the pocket. Is a very willing and elusive runner with above-average burst and quickness. Adequate speed for the position. Is a patient runner who follows his blockers through the line. Runs tough, and finishes runs hard but also knows when to slide as a runner.

Negatives: Below-average height for the position. Below-average explosiveness and quickness in combine drills. Comes out of a spread offense, so he may have a longer learning curve ahead of him in the NFL. Inconsistent accuracy on passes over 10 yards. Poor mechanics on the move, and his accuracy suffers. His throwing motion is erratic and not overhand – it starts at three-quarter angle and drops down to sidearm at times. His upper and lower body also don’t seem to be in sync, and he seems to use only his arm to throw – not his lower body. Though he can throw it with velocity, he needs to learn to vary his velocity better – driving the ball more on deeper patterns and using more touch on medium patterns. He needs to place deep passes better and give his receivers more of a chance to make uncontested receptions. Most of his negatives come from decision-making. He is indecisive, especially in pressure situations and the red zone, and he will hold the ball too long. He will wait until the last second, and then tend to force the ball. Under pressure, he consistently misses wide-open reads or forces the ball. He needs to learn to just throw ball away or be quicker about making decisions. Sometimes seems to lack field sense, and he took a safety in 2013 when there was an obviously open receiver. Misses open reads over the middle. Doesn’t seem to feel pocket collapsing. Below-average ball security on the run, and he holds the ball too loosely when running. Suspect balance making cuts.

Projection: Might still be worth stashing in deep dynasty leagues, but don’t expect anything for a while.

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