Stephen Morris, QB, Miami

UDFA. Was signed by the Jaguars as a UDFA but released in August. He doesn’t seem physically talented enough as a passer to be successful in the NFL – except as a backup. Would be better in a system that takes advantage of his mobility, but his passing skills will still probably hold him back.

All-Star Games: Senior Bowl.

Positives: Great hand size. Ran a pro-style offense in college, so he should be more ready to run an NFL offense. Throws with adequate arm strength, and he throws deep passes with nice touch. Above-average speed, and he is willing to run. Very good track speed for the position. Has quick feet, and he moves around well in the pocket, showing good escapability.

Negatives: Slightly below-average height and bulk, with a narrow build like a wide receiver. Surprisingly below-average quickness, explosiveness, and lateral quickness at combine drills. Though his arm strength is adequate, his velocity is below average. Throws with below-average accuracy at all levels – short, medium, and deep. Below-average anticipation, and he will throw it late on timing routes. Often locks onto his receivers, and doesn’t go through his progressions. Doesn’t read coverages well, especially on deep patterns, and he consistently throws passes right to defenders. On the move, he doesn’t set his feet well, and is accuracy suffers. Under outside pressure, he doesn’t step up in the pocket consistently. He also doesn’t protect the ball well under pressure. His throwing motion is a long windup with a long hesitation at the back of his throwing motion. This, combined with his habit of eyeballing receivers, gives defenders a big jump on the ball.

Projection: There’s no need to draft Morris.

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