Lorenzo Taliaferro, RB/FB, Coastal Carolina: FCS Division

Ravens, Round 4. As with tight ends, when the Ravens draft a running back, you need to pay attention. Taliaferro is a very solid back who is probably even at the level of Bernard Pierce. With Ray Rice’s uncertain future and Pierce still returning from shoulder injury and surgery, Taliaferro could easily see heavy use in his rookie season.

All-Star Games: Senior Bowl.

Positives: Great height and bulk for a running back. Above-average size for a fullback. Average speed for the position, but good for his size. Adequate upper body strength. Very good ability to change directions at the Combine. Adequate lateral quickness. Above-average agility – and surprising for his size. Can make people miss in the open field. Good power and is strong enough to shed tacklers with little momentum. Good leg drive and body lean and pushes the pile often and well. Runs low in short-yardage situations. Generally above-average hands. Is a patient runner and stays on the hips of his blockers before bursting through the hole. Good pass blocker who meets defenders behind the line, takes the initial impact, and then walls the defender off. Good initial punch as a pass blocker and he really takes the momentum out of defenders.

Negatives: Small hands. Inconsistent concentration and will drop some easy passes turning upfield before securing the ball.

Projection: If given the chance, his ceiling is probably RB2 on the Ravens, but draft as an immediate RB4 with RB3 hopes.

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