Kevin Norwood, WR, Alabama

Seahawks, Round 4. Before the draft, he was my number six-rated WR, and he goes to the team that, though the offense is efficient, it’s not explosive. And that pretty much sums up Norwood’s game, too. He’s a guy that will get the job done. I expect him to fit in well in Seattle.

All-Star Games: Senior Bowl.

Positives: Good height and adequate bulk. Above-average hand size. Adequate speed for his size. Good hands and can highpoint passes and extend and adjust very well for off-target passes. Above-average tracking of passes over his inside shoulder. Shows good effort on off-target passes. Runs above-average routes and is quick out of his breaks and angles well away from CBs. Uses his hands well in his routes to keep defender off of him. Is able to hold the ball when he is hit hard. Protects the ball well through traffic. Good vertical leap. Has above-average body control and is very nimble on the sidelines – can get both feet down on receptions. Runs with pretty good body lean after the catch and is effective getting yards after the catch. Fairly tough and played through a turf toe injury in 2012 season. Excellent ability to change directions in Combine testing.

Negatives: Not a great blocker. Turf toe injury in 2012 and missed spring 2013 practices. Fairly week upper body. Below-average vertical leap, general lower body explosiveness, and lateral quickness in Combine testing.

Projection: Don’t draft expecting huge numbers. Maybe WR3 numbers are his ceiling.

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