Cody Hoffman, WR, Brigham Young

UDFA. Was signed by the Washington team as a UDFA but released in August. He should eventually be a contributor on some team.

All-Star Games: Senior Bowl.

Positives: Great height and good bulk – almost H-back size. Adequate speed. Above-average hand size. Has a long wingspan and fairly reliable hands – can extend and snag well. Good concentration in traffic and on contested passes. Good effort on off-target passes, and will lay out for passes. Above-average body control and agility. Elusive in the open field, with surprisingly high ability to change directions for his size. Runs fair routes and uses his size to shield defenders from passes. Is also quick in and out of his breaks to get separation. Adequate upper body strength. Adequate lateral quickness and ability to change directions in Combine testing.

Negatives: Though his hands are fairly reliable, he has lapses in concentration where he will drop some easy ones and let the ball get to his body. Doesn’t always show sideline awareness, and he will set up out of bounds for the catch. Though he has adequate speed, he has below-average acceleration and takes a while to build up to his full speed. Can be pushed off of his routes by physical cornerbacks. Often runs out of control and will slip making cuts. Missed September 2013 game due to hamstring pull. Suspended one game in September 2013 for team rule violation. Below-average track speed for his position and his size. Poor vertical leap and general lower body explosiveness in Combine testing.

Projection: No need to draft in fantasy.

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