Asa Watson, TE, North Carolina State

UDFA. Brother of Browns TE Ben Watson. Signed by Patriots as UDFA but released in August and signed by the Cowboys, but also released. Is a pretty solid all-around tight end who can catch and block.

All-Star Games: Medal of Honor Bowl and NFLPA Collegiate Bowl.

Positives: Adequate hand size. Above-average speed. Hard to bring down, and keeps his feet even with a big hit. Pretty good concentration in contested passes. Good effort as a run blocker and stands his ground well with good leverage. Above-average upper-body strength and ability to change directions.

Negatives: Short for a tight end or H-back and is built more like a big wide receiver. Inconsistent hands and tends to body catch and have some trouble extending low. Despite his effort as a run blocker, he seems to lack strength and size to be effective. Can be easily unbalanced running routes. Suspect ball security.

Projection: Could put up TE3 numbers if he gets the chance, with a TE2 ceiling. Probably no need to draft, though, especially now that he’s a free agent, but keep an eye on him.

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