Tony Washington, WR/PR/KR, Appalachian State: FCS Division

UDFA. Was signed by the Colts as a UDFA but released in August. Has enough NFL receiving skills that he should make an NFL team.

All-Star Games: NFLPA Collegiate Bowl.

Positives: Above-average bulk for the position, and is built solidly. Adequate hand size. Above-average quickness. Has good, soft hands that accept the pass instead of fighting it, and he extends for passes away from his frame well. Above-average body control and concentration on difficult catches, and he adjusts well to off-target passes. Okay routes. Fairly nimble on the sidelines and can get both feet down. Adequate downfield blocker. Shows good field sense and knows when to get out of bounds to stop the clock.

Negatives: Below-average height for the position. Tends to round out some routes and lacks crispness in his cuts. Below-average vision on kick returns, and will run into his own blockers.

Projection: No need to draft.

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