Tim Cornett, RB, Nevada-Las Vegas

UDFA. Signed by the Cardinals as UDFA in May but released and signed by Texans in July and released in August. His combination of size and quickness will probably find him a spot in the NFL. He may have the skills to be part of a running-back-by-committee approach.

All-Star Games: Was invited to the NFLPA Game, but was not on final roster and didn’t play in the game.

Positives: Great height for the position. Adequate hand size. Adequate speed. Above-average track speed for his size and for the position. Above-average vision, quickness and burst, and moves well laterally. Is quick enough to bounce runs outside when necessary. Pretty good balance after contact. Above-average hands and can extend to grab passes away from his frame. Very patient in short-yardage situations.

Negatives: Slightly below-average bulk for his height. His patience borders on hesitation in short-yardage situations. Below-average power. In short-yardage situations, he is easily pushed back at the line – running too upright and leaning against contact instead of churning his legs through contact.

Projection: Keep an eye on him in fantasy and watch where he lands.

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