RB Ray Graham, Pitt

Texans, UDFA. Pitt.: Below-average size. Above-average hand size.

Positives: Above-average hands. Very good vision. Above-average speed. Good balance after contact. Fairly patient. Runs with good body lean to enable himself to make good cuts and run through arm tackles. Above-average power and breaks a lot of arm tackles. Adequate hands. Fairly dangerous in the open field. Average upper-body strength. Average athleticism in Combine measures.

Negatives: Injured right ACL in October 2011. DNP in 2012 bowl game — hamstring injury. Charged with assault in November 2012. Suspect balance making cuts and seems to slip often. Not very effective in short yardage, and tends to lean rather than drive through contact. Dances way too much in backfield. Suspect ball security — fumbled ball without a hit in the Shrine Game.

Projection: Is probably the fifth or sixth RB on the depth chart, so he probably won’t make the team. Best bet is another team or the practice squad. No need to draft.

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