QB/TE/FB Collin Klein, Kansas State

Texans, UDFA. Kan. St.: Great height and adequate bulk. Average hand size.

Positives: As a former WR, is athletic. Comes out of a pro-style system. Knows when to throw ball away. Has improved reads with experience. Above-average speed, but long strides. Willing to fight for tough yards.

Negatives: Long windup and 3/4-to-sidearm delivery. Below-average arm. Tends to read only one side of the field at a time. Below-average acceleration. Not very quick. Often makes poor decisions outside pocket and throws across body often. Poor accuracy. Below-average velocity, especially when he has to drive the ball deep. Suspect cutback vision. Late recognition. Inaccurate on timing routes.

Projection: Doesn’t have much of an NFL future as a QB, but the Texans may try to use him as a new version of their old FB, James Casey, as an all-around athlete. That will likely be a long learning curve, though. And, like Casey, he will probably never be fantasy relevant.

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