QB Ryan Aplin, Arkansas State

Redskins, UDFA tryout. Ark. St.: Slightly below-average height and below-average bulk. Below-average hand size.

Positives: Knows when to throw balls away. Above-average velocity. Above-average speed and acceleration. Good body lean as a runner. Fair pocket presence. Can step up in pocket to avoid rush. Can throw darts on the run at times. Moves well inside pocket to keep plays alive.

Negatives: Comes from a spread offense and will require pro transition time. Eyeballs receivers consistently. Has a longish, 3/4 release. Has trouble throwing with touch and tends to rocket short passes. Below-average accuracy. Doesn’t sense rush up the middle well. Often throws short. Inconsistent accuracy on the run.

Projection: Will compete with Thaddeus Lewis for third QB spot and should easily beat him. May stick on roster as a developmental prospect and may have enough ability to stick on a roster long term. No need to draft.

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