QB Alex Carder, Western Michigan

Lions, UDFA. W. Mich.: Slightly below-average height, but above-average bulk. Average hand size.

Positives: Accurate on short and medium passes. Runs with power. Adequate overall athleticism. In charge of offense. Average velocity. Moves well in pocket. Keeps squared on run, and keeps eyes downfield. Fairly accurate on the run. Adequate arm strength. Solid build. Nice touch. Above-average speed. Patient — goes through progressions and waits for routes to develop if given time.

Negatives: Below-average deep accuracy. Consistently eyeballs receivers. Below-average speed. Several batted passes. Fumbled on goal line twice in 2011 bowl game. Trouble reading coverages. Also very often throws into double coverage. Poor decisions under pressure. Injured hand in October 2012 and missed several games.

Projection: He has the accuracy and moxie to stick around the NFL for a while, but his decision making will probably keep him as a career backup. Will battle Kellen Moore for the third QB spot, and should win it. He may not even make the Lions’ roster, though. No need to draft.

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