TE Nick Kasa, Colorado

Raiders, 6th round. Colo.: Good height and great bulk for the position. Average hand size.

Positives: Can hold his own as a straight-ahead blocker. Willing to get physical. Good track speed for the size.

Negatives: Below-average quickness and change-of-direction ability. Stiff and doesn’t adjust well to even slightly inaccurate passes. New to the position, with only 1 year of experience. Was mainly a basketball player in college. Tends to body catch. Doesn’t play up to his potential speed. Doesn’t get good separation. Lacks lateral quickness to stay with speed rushers as blocker. Also tends to lower head and lunge at defenders. Easily crossed up as pass blocker.

Projection: Is a major project in every way, but is different from any other TE on their roster. Will definitely need a year or so before he’s ready for prime time and will have to work on his blocking a ton. Currently lacks the receiving skills to make an immediate impact, so no need to draft. Keep an eye on his progress, though.

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