RB Mike James, Miami

Buccaneers, 6th round. Miami: Above-average size. Above-average hand size. Below-average hands.

Positives: Has Wildcat QB experience. Above-average hands and can extend well. Gets very low through line. Good burst and acceleration. Good patience. Good cutback vision. Keeps legs going after contact. Above-average speed. Finishes runs with power. Nice short-yardage back. Fairly good body control. Adequate burst. Willing and adequate run blocker. Good upper-body strength.

Negatives: Not very elusive. Slow to change direction. Lowers head and lunges at defender as a run blocker.

Projection: Won’t ever supplant Doug Martin as the top back there, but will be a solid backup to him, likely replacing the departed LeGarrette Blount. And, if Martin goes down, James will be a nice replacement. Draft as a definite handcuff to Martin and possibly an RB4 in his own right. Could be an RB2 if he starts.

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