RB Montee Ball, Wisconsin

Broncos, 2nd round. Wis.: Adequate size. Average hand size.

Positives: Above-average burst for his size. Finishes runs with power. Breaks arm tackles. Usually falls forward after contact. Quick feet and acceleration, with above-average change-of-direction ability. Solid in pass protection. Slides well laterally. Above-average vision. Agile. Nimble on sidelines. Nice balance after contact. Can really take a hit and keep going. Good hands and can adjust to errant passes. Very good ball security — had never fumbled in entire college career until Sept 2012, and only lost two fumbles his entire career. Gives good effort in open field.

Negatives: Below-average speed, lateral quickness and upper-body strength. Arrested for trespassing in May 2012, but it seems like a minor issue. Has a history of concussions. Was concussed in August 2012 assault case but started the season opener. Also appeared to have a concussion in Sept 2012 game.

Projection: Behind Eddie Lacy, may be the best power back in the draft, and has similar potential as a feature back. Enters a team with Willis McGahee, Knowshon Moreno, and Ronnie Hillman, but is probably destined to start there, with Moreno or Hillman being a 3rd-down back. Should give solid production. But as much as John Fox loves to use his RBs, he could very well be an RB1 by the end of 2013. Draft as an RB3 with RB1 potential.

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