WR/TE LaMark Brown II, Minnesota-Mankato

Falcons, UDFA. Minn. St.-Mankato: Small H-back size. Great hand size.

Positives: Can extend and snag ball, holding it even with big hit. Good hands overall. Very good body control and adjusts very well to errant passes. Good deep separation with solid double-moves. Tough to bring down after the catch. Fights through traffic to get into routes. Versatile: also played RB in college. Above-average track speed for the size. Very good change-of-direction ability and lateral movement.

Negatives: Below-average upper-body strength.

Projection: Was apparently brought into camp as a TE instead of a WR. At TE, he may not have the upper-body strength to be at all effective as a blocker, but his receiving skill and athleticism are huge pluses. Should make the team as an H-back, and actually has the skills to be a very nice producer. With Tony Gonzalez probably leaving after 2012, could be a nice deep sleeper. Probably don’t draft, but watch for any signs of production from him.

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