QB Dominique Davis, East Carolina

Falcons, UDFA. E. Car.: Above-average size and hand size. Brother of former Bears TE Desmond Clark.

Positives: Fairly accurate on timing patterns and shows adequate touch. Adequate arm strength. Has the athleticism to escape from the rush. Above-average speed. Can make plays when protection breaks down. Keeps eyes downfield when outside of pocket. Looks off safety on over-the-middle passes.

Negatives: Poor mechanics. Doesn’t set feet to throw on the run. Long wingspan, which seems to seriously elongate his delivery. Little experience taking snaps under center. Consistently poor accuracy. Stares down receivers. Doesn’t read coverages well. Tends to lock onto receiver and miss better options. Consistently makes poor decisions and throws into coverage a lot. Tends to only look for short outlet pass when flushed out of pocket.

Projection: Not good enough to unseat John Parker Wilson as 3rd QB, but may latch on somewhere as a long-term developmental QB or practice squad player. Probably won’t ever be fantasy relevant.

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