WR TY Hilton, Florida International

Colts, 3rd round. Fla. Intl.: Smallish size. On early Senior Bowl roster, but not later one.

Positives: Very fast track speed. Good game speed and quickness. Fair adjustment to errant passes. Crisp routes and loses little speed on breaks. Good vision after the catch. Used as runner as well as a receiver. Fair hands as KR.

Negatives: Easy to bring down. Poor ball security — fumbled with only minor hit in 2011 bowl game. Holds ball loosely in one hand even when in traffic. Has injury issues — missed Combine due to hamstring and reinjured it at Pro Day.

Projection: Colts obviously like him more than I do, since they drafted him in the 3rd round — 3 rounds ahead of where I graded him. He’s also entering a wide-open WR depth chart, with rookies galore and only Reggie Wayne and Austin Collie established there. He’ll make the team, and has value due to his versatility. Could have roster-worthy value in return-yardage leagues, and contribute as a part-time WR. Feel free to draft late for a long-term hold.

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