Ranking the RBs in the 2012 NFL Draft

Updated 4/30/2012

I think the 2012 class for RBs is fairly talented at the top — with Trent Richardson, one of the best RBs to come out of college in several years, being the obvious front-runner. But the top four guys are the only ones I would consider drafting for my dynasty team if I need immediate help. Then you have four guys who may contribute somewhat right away. And then there’s a long list of guys I would only draft if I have space on the bench or are in a very deep league. Not that they don’t have talent, but they are probably going to have a hard time finding a place in the league.

With the heavy emphasis on the running-back-by-committee approach in the NFL, however, it’s hard to be able to tell what the future really holds for any of these guys — especially when it comes to fantasy football production. But the top 15 on this list, at least, are worth keeping an eye on.

But here it goes for now:

  1. Trent Richardson, Alabama, Browns
  2. Doug Martin, Boise State, Buccaneers
  3. David Wilson, Virginia Tech, Giants
  4. Isaiah Pead, Cincinnati, Rams
  5. Terrance Ganaway, Baylor, Jets
  6. Robert Turbin, Utah State, Seahawks
  7. Lamar Miller, Miami, Dolphins
  8. Cyrus Gray, Texas A&M, Chiefs
  9. Vick Ballard, Mississippi State, Colts
  10. Bernard Pierce, Temple, Ravens
  11. LaMichael James, Oregon, 49ers
  12. Lennon Creer, Louisiana Tech, Redskins
  13. Adonis Thomas, Toledo, Tryout for Bears and Others
  14. Dan Herron, Ohio State, Bengals
  15. Chris Polk, Washington, Eagles
  16. Ronnie Hillman, San Diego State, Broncos
  17. Chris Rainey, Florida, Steelers
  18. Davin Meggett, Maryland, Texans
  19. Tauren Poole, Tennessee, Seahawks
  20. Michael Smith, Utah State, Buccaneers
  21. Alvester Alexander, Wyoming, Bears
  22. Jeremy Stewart, Stanford, Eagles
  23. Antwon Bailey, Syracuse, Redskins
  24. Alfred Morris, Florida Atlantic, Redskins
  25. Bryce Beall, Houston, Tryout for Cowboys
  26. Bobby Rainey, Western Kentucky, Ravens
  27. Travaris Cadet, Appalachian State, Saints
  28. Lance Dunbar, North Texas, Cowboys

Here are my rankings from 2/29:

  1. Trent Richardson, Alabama
  2. David Wilson, Virginia Tech
  3. Lamar Miller, Miami
  4. Doug Martin, Boise State
  5. Cyrus Gray, Texas A&M
  6. Robert Turbin, Utah State
  7. Isaiah Pead, Cincinnati
  8. LaMichael James, Oregon
  9. Vick Ballard, Mississippi State
  10. Terrance Ganaway, Baylor
  11. Bernard Pierce, Temple
  12. Adonis Thomas, Toledo
  13. Dan Herron, Ohio State
  14. Chris Polk, Washington
  15. Ronnie Hillman, San Diego State
  16. Chris Rainey, Florida
  17. Tauren Poole, Tennessee
  18. Alvester Alexander, Wyoming
  19. Davin Meggett, Maryland
  20. Lennon Creer, Lousiana Tech
  21. Ty Jones, Florida State
  22. Levell Coppage, Wisconsin-Whitewater
  23. Jeremy Stewart, Stanford
  24. Enrique Davis, Ole Miss
  25. Alfred Morris, Florida Atlantic
  26. Bryce Beall, Houston
  27. Antwon Bailey, Syracuse
  28. Bobby Rainey, Western Kentucky
  29. Jermaine Thomas, Florida State
  30. Travaris Cadet, Appalachian State
  31. Lampford Mark, Nevada
  32. Foswhitt “Fozzy” Whittaker, Texas
  33. De’Vion Moore, Missouri
  34. Michael Smith, Utah State
  35. Lance Dunbar, North Texas
  36. Rashaad Slowley, Southern Connecticut
  37. Steven Knight, Mississippi College
  38. DJ McNorton, North Dakota State
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2 Responses to Ranking the RBs in the 2012 NFL Draft

  1. MOM and DAD says:

    I know that Levell Coppage has a good chance of being drafted when the NFL scouts see his performance.

    • ringthane says:

      He’ll definitely get into some team’s camp, and I think he’ll make a roster, but I’m not sure about being drafted. You’ll only usually see 1-2 guys from Division III get drafted each year by the NFL. And with the RB position becoming worth less and less in the league, those D3 guys who ARE drafted probably won’t be RBs.

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