RB Cyrus Gray, Texas A&M

Chiefs, 6th round. Tex. A&M: Adequate height, but slightly below-average bulk. Average hand size.

Positives: Good balance. Keeps shoulders squared. Good speed. Quick feet and burst and change of direction. Accelerates nicely after the catch. Used often as a receiver. Throws nice spiral touch pass. Keeps legs churning and fights for extra yards. Adequate upper-body strength.

Negatives: Stress fracture in left shoulder in November 2011, didn’t play in bowl game, and failed Senior Bowl physical, but was able to work out at Combine.

Projection: With Jamaal Charles ahead of him on the depth chart, he won’t have much impact right away. Team also has a similar player in Dexter McCluster, but Gray should be able to surpass him. If Charles gets injured again or doesn’t come back well from his 2011 injuries, Gray could step in and do many of the same types of things. But for the immediate future, only draft for the long term. Could put up RB2 numbers as a starter, but not until he gets the chance.

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