RB Bradie Ewing, Wisconsin

Falcons, 5th round. Wis.: Good size for the position. Great hand size.

Positives: Very good run blocker when he initiates contact. Adequate speed and change-of-direction skills. Above-average initial burst. Fair receiver who can hold ball with big hit and high-point them. Good concentration in traffic.

Negatives: Gets caught flat-footed at times trying to block quick rushers. Below-average upper-body strength. Difficulty making more than one cut.

Projection: With the release of Ovie Mughelli at FB, has a clear path to being the team’s starting FB. Should be much more productive than Mughelli, who was used exclusively as a blocker. May also be able to fill in for Michael Turner at times. I’d like to see him get some time at TE, too, since this should be Tony Gonzalez’s last year. Not relevant in fantasy unless he gets moved to TE. Then he may be worth watching.

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