RB Lennon Creer, Louisiana Tech

Redskins, UDFA. La. Tech: Above-average size. Average hand size. Knee injury and was out for much of 2011. Early-week replacement for Cyrus Gray in Senior Bowl.

Positives: Adequate speed and burst. Adequate upper-body strength. Reportedly runs good routes. Has fair power. Generally reliable hands, and even lined up as slot WR in Shrine Game practices. Willing blocker who can sustain blocks. Fair vision.

Negatives: Below-average change-of-direction skills. Lowers head through line, reducing vision for cuts. Appears to have trouble getting low through the line. When fighting for yards, leans more than churns. Also tends to lower his head when blocking. Suspect balance, often slipping while making cuts.

Projection: Enters a weak RB depth chart on Redskins, and may make team by default. Has similar running skills as Evan Royster, and will likely battle him for playing time, but should win due to his better receiving ability. With Shanahan running the team, you know he could be an off-and-on fantasy producer.

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