RB Levell Coppage, Wisconsin-Whitewater

Below-average size.

Positives: Good acceleration. Average change-of-direction skills. Keeps legs going to fight for yards. Above-average vision. Nice jump cut and has quick feet to find hole.

Negatives: Suspect pass protection skills — lunges to block and gets caught out of position often.

Projection: Undrafted. Should get a camp invite, and has an outside chance of sticking on a practice squad.

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4 Responses to RB Levell Coppage, Wisconsin-Whitewater

  1. Zach Howard says:

    you know nothing about the game of football if this these are your comments.. anyone want a true evaluation on levell coppage, ill provide it, considering ive been playing with him since we were in 3rd grade….
    Positives: Outstanding vision, Great quickness/change of direction skills, “IT” factor, Football Smart, Versatile
    Negatives: Top End Speed, Size, catching deep balls
    Projection: People can think what they want… Might not get drafted but a camp invite is all this man needs. Every single year I hear that he is too this or not enough of that to be successful… Check Stats, and Film… regardless of Division, you will not find a more productive player. He will step up!

    • Undrafted so far and still unsigned.

    • Devante Coppage says:

      Levell’s my cousin and I agree with you 100%. I’ve heard people say he’s the opposite of everything you just stated but he actually isn’t .Thanks for the support and let’s hope he makes both of us proud.

      • The problem in the NFL now is that running back isn’t considered a very important position. And when NFL teams take a chance on a RB now, it’s not likely to be from a D3 school — no matter how highly touted he is. Look at a guy like Chris Polk. Huge college career and even he goes undrafted. I’ve been watching Levell for three years now, and I’d love for him to make a camp and see what he can do against the best in the world. But if that doesn’t happen for him, I think he’d be best served going to the CFL and proving he can perform against higher competition — like LaMarcus Coker is doing (from the 2010 draft class). There, he can improve on some things, get some game tape, and be fully ready to try and make an NFL roster later.

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