Ranking the QBs in the 2012 NFL Draft

Updated 4/30/2012

The 2011 Class of rookie QBs had so much immediate success — with Cam Newton and Andy Dalton coming out of the gates so strong, and Jake Locker, Christian Ponder, and TJ Yates having flashes of success later in the season — that it’s natural to wonder whether the 2012 Class can do the same.

Short answer? Not likely. The 2012 Class isn’t anywhere near as good of a place for NFL teams to look for their QB of the future — unless those QBs are named Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, Ryan Tannehill or MAYBE Brandon Weeden. The depth just isn’t there. And though a lot of these QBs may be able to contribute as solid backups for a while, it’s not even close to the 2011 Class.

And even I was surprised by how low a few of these guys are on my list. Guys like Nick Foles and Brock Osweiler, who most people expect to be among the first five QBs picked (and some say even knocking on the first round’s door). But the more I moved the rankings around, the further they fell. But hey, I’ll keep watching — seeing which team picks them, watching minicamp videos, watching preseason games. Maybe they’ll win me over.

So here’s the list as of now. The top hasn’t changed from my 3/7 rankings, but these rankings include only those QBs who have made it to an NFL camp — either through the draft, as an undrafted free agent, or on a tryout basis.

  1. Andrew Luck, Stanford, Colts
  2. Robert Griffin, Baylor, Redskins
  3. Ryan Tannehill, Tex. A&M, Dolphins
  4. Brandon Weeden, Okla. St., Browns
  5. Ryan Lindley, San Diego St., Cardinals
  6. Brock Osweiler, Ariz. St., Broncos
  7. Russell Wilson, Wis., Seahawks
  8. Case Keenum, Houston, Texans
  9. Bryon “BJ” Coleman, Tenn.-Chattanooga, Packers
  10. Nick Foles, Ariz., Eagles
  11. Kirk Cousins, Mich. St., Redskins
  12. Chandler Harnish, N. Ill., Colts
  13. Austin Davis, S. Miss., Rams
  14. Kellen Moore, Boise St., Lions
  15. John Brantley, Fla., Ravens
  16. GJ Kinne, Tulsa, Jets
  17. Tyler Hansen, Colo., Bengals
  18. Jacory Harris, Miami, Tryouts for Cardinals and others
  19. Dan Persa, Northwestern, Tryout for Buccaneers
  20. Nick Stephens, Tarleton St., Titans
  21. Dominique Davis, E. Car., Falcons
  22. Jordan Jefferson, LSU, Tryout for Buccaneers
  23. Jarrett Lee, LSU, Chargers
  24. Zach Collaros, Cincinnati, Buccaneers

Here are my pre-draft rankings from 3/7

  1. Andrew Luck, Stanford
  2. Robert Griffin, Baylor
  3. Ryan Tannehill, Tex. A&M
  4. Brandon Weeden, Okla. St.
  5. Case Keenum, Houston
  6. Russell Wilson, Wis.
  7. Bryon “BJ” Coleman, Tenn.-Chattanooga
  8. Kirk Cousins, Mich. St.
  9. Nick Foles, Ariz.
  10. Ryan Lindley, San Diego St.
  11. Brock Osweiler, Ariz. St.
  12. Kellen Moore, Boise St.
  13. Bo Levi Mitchell, E. Wash.
  14. John Brantley, Fla.
  15. Austin Davis, S. Miss.
  16. Chandler Harnish, N. Ill.
  17. GJ Kinne, Tulsa
  18. Tyler Hansen, Colo.
  19. Chris Relf, Miss. St.
  20. Darron Thomas, Ore.
  21. Jacory Harris, Miami:
  22. Dan Persa, Northwestern
  23. Barrett Trotter, Auburn
  24. Stephen Garcia, S. Car.
  25. Nick Stephens, Tarleton St.
  26. Dominique Davis, E. Car.
  27. Jordan Jefferson, LSU
  28. Jarrett Lee, LSU
  29. Patrick Witt, Yale
  30. Zach Collaros, Cincinnati
  31. Josh McGregor, Jacksonville
  32. Tim Jefferson, Jr., Air Force
  33. Zac Dickey, Pittsburg St.
  34. Sammuel Lamur, Kan. St.
  35. Matthew Faulkner, San Jose St.
  36. Marshall Lobbestael, Wash. St.
  37. Wes Carroll, Fla. Intl.
  38. Tyler Lantrip, Nev.
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