QB Russell Wilson, Wisconsin

Seahawks, 3rd round. Wis.: Short for the position, but good build. Very good hand size. Short arms. Transferred from North Carolina St. for 2011 season after retiring from minor league baseball.

Positives: Has solid experience under center. Above-average arm strength and velocity. Also able to throw with touch. Goes through progressions. Nice timing on crossing routes and passes before WR breaks. Very agile and keeps plays alive with feet. Moves very well outside pocket. Smooth runner and knows when to slide, but doesn’t run as fast on the field as his track time. Good play fakes.

Negatives: Tends to eyeball receivers in clutch situations. Slow to find open receivers in middle of field. Is that a function of his size?

Projection: Likely a career backup, especially since the team just signed Matt Flynn as their QB of the future. Won’t be able to consistently rise above his size. The Seahawks offense won’t implode if he gets in there due to injury, but he won’t consistently — and for long — produce more than QB3 numbers. He’s probably not worth drafting in fantasy.

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