QB Andrew Luck, Stanford

Colts, 1st round. Stanford: Junior who has declared for 2012 draft. Great size.

Positives: Moves around in pocket to find passing windows. Agile. Good arm strength. Very good deep touch. Good rhythm in his progression reads. Adequate speed. Solid runner. Keeps shoulders squared outside of pocket. Feels rush well and is nimble avoiding it. Goes through progressions well. Fits ball into tight windows — very accurate. Tight spiral. Smooth mechanics. Nice touch. Not easy to bring down. Very good speed, change-of-direction skills and burst as a runner. Very good play fakes.

Negatives: Throws high a little too often. Sometimes tries to finesse passes that should be harder. Slightly inaccurate on run. Questionable decision-making while in the grasp.

Projection: Was drafted to be a long-term franchise QB, and that’s what he should be, but the Colts offense is starting with a lot of rookie parts, too. May not meet super-high expectations in 2012, but should do well right away. It helps that the team draft his Stanford TE and signed one of his top WRs as an undrafted free agent. And he still has Reggie Wayne there to mentor the WRs. Has the potential to be a top-5 QB for years. Feel free to draft at the top if you don’t need Trent Richardson’s help at RB.

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