QB Robert Griffin, Baylor

Redskins, 1st round. Baylor: Junior who has declared for 2012 draft. Average size and hand size.

Positives: Not easy to bring down. Nice deep touch and accuracy. Good velocity. Very good speed and quickness. Moves around well in pocket. Keeps eyes downfield on the run. Fair accuracy. Steps up in pocket to avoid rush. Stands in pocket under pressure. Very intelligent and has no character red flags.

Negatives: Suspect ball security in pocket and holds ball loosely on the run. Throws across body too often on rollouts. Also throws off back foot too often. Eyeballs receivers. Somewhat slow decision making, or maybe he just trusts his ability to improvise so much he’s willing to hold it.

Projection: Not as polished of a passer as Cam Newton was as a rookie, but more than other athletic QBs coming out in recent years. Has a top-10 QB future if he doesn’t get injured, but we know Shanahan will use the running game a lot to help cushion Griffin’s transition. If you miss out on Luck or Richardson at the top of your rookie draft, Griffin’s a fantastic consolation prize.

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